Friday, April 3, 2015

My Paperclip

We are reading the book "One Red Paperclip" in Language Arts, this book is about a guy playing the game bigger and better. If you don't know what this is, it is basically when you start with something small like a Paperclip,pin, gum, bracelet, etc... And you trade with others for something bigger and better and continue to trade until you get something you want with. Kyle started with a little red Paperclip. And is slowly working his way up to a house.

We are playing this game too in 8th Grade Language Arts Class. I particularly think it's the stupidest thing ever, and no point what so ever. But I'm being forced to do this so I'll smile and play along to see where things go. We were supposed to find something to trade and ask people to trade for something bigger and better and post pictures. This is what I started with and I guess will work my way up, until we finish the book One Red Paperclip by Kyle Macdonald. 

I started with a little pink rubberband that got from a guest speaker that talked to us a few days ago, after she was finished talking she realized she had a ball of rubberbands she didn't need so she gave one out to all the people who wanted one. I thought that was cool of her, I like rubberbands. 

I traded my rubberband for a green pencil.  I got this magically cool green pencil from testing and a very generous teacher who decided to give her pencils out. 

Still waiting to trade for something bigger and better. 

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